Shampoo & Blow dry


This service does not include flat iron or curl

Shampoo & Blow dry w/ Round Brush


This service includes a blowout with a round brush

Shampoo & Blow dry w/ Style


This service is ideal for chemically relaxed hair with growth that's less than 4" or those who want a flat iron/simple curl

Shampoo & Style (Natural Hair)


This service is ideal for more dense, textured, coarse, or non-chemically relaxed hair excluding color

Shampoo & Style (Extensions)


This service is for clients with extensions that are already installed 

Silk Process


This service is an anti-frizz silk system to temporarily tame and detangle hair as well as protect against heat damage

Smoothing Treatment


This service is for clients with natural hair that want tamable and manageable hair. This system lasts for 3 months even through day-to-day shampoo & styling



This service includes hair styling of ponytails, fish tails, side braid, etc.

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